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  • WS building site portable toilet cleaning
  • WS cleaning grease traps for restaurants and businesses
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Liquid Waste Services across Perth & the South West

At WS, we specialise in the collection and disposal of liquid waste from Perth, to Rockingham, Mandurah and surrounding areas including the South West. We specialise in septic tank waste, grease traps / arrestors and all categories of industrial liquid waste management.

From homes and restaurants, to workshops and large mining companies, our customers and experience spans many industries.

Our range of environmentally compliant trucks and knowledgeable staff can offer you a specialised service for the management of your liquid and hazardous waste.
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    Residential Services

    Contact us for all your septic tank and other household liquid waste requirements.  We will pump out, clean and transport the waste to the right water treatment plant for disposal.

    • Septic tank pump outs
    • Septic tank cleaning
    • Oil/water waste management
    • Rainwater tank cleaning
    • Swimming pool drainage
    • Portable toilet pump outs
    • Portable toilet cleaning
    • and more


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    Commercial Services
    All aspects of liquid waste management for your business, ships or minesites. Our trucks can accommodate small volumes, as well as larger volumes up to 26 000 litres.

    • Grease trap cleaning
    • Grease arrestor services
    • Commercial septic tank pump outs
    • Portable toilet cleaning
    • Site toilet services
    • Hazardous liquid waste removal
    • Bio max and Eco systems
    • and more
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What Our Customers Are Saying

"WS, I cannot thank you enough for all the support, information and guidance you have given us over the last few days. Our problem has been solved and you deserve 400 out of 10 for the service you delivered. You simply do not find that kind of service in this day and age. I am so happy I contacted you at WS, you are a credit to the company you own. Massive thanks."

Chris Matthews

Call WS on 0419 244 361
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